8 Apps That Help You Sleep Better

Are you sleeping like a baby at night? If not, your overall health is going to get affected before you know it. Good sleep patterns and adequate rest are necessary to stay healthy, both physically and emotionally. Those who have been suffering from insomnia realize how hard and frustrating it is not to be able to sleep at night. While there is no denying the fact that the blue light from our cell phones and tablets is not exactly the best remedy for your condition, there are some apps that can actually help you sleep better at night.

  1. Headspace is better known as an app for meditation but it is equally effective for good sleep. When you choose the free app version you can access “sleepcasts” that are 45-55 minute audio experiences that calm your mind. When you go for the paid version you can access 40-themed meditation courses, music, and sleepcasts which are relaxing and perfect for deep sleep.
  2. Calm is a user-friendly app and comes with a “Sleep Stories” section with bedtime stories that both children and grownups can use. These storied are read by soothing voices; while some are free others have to be paid for. When you get the paid version, you can enjoy access to a vast library of meditations designed to improve sleep patterns.
  3. Sleepio makes use of an evidence-based program for tackling insomnia. The program helps users fall asleep quickly and enjoy a deeper sleep minus disturbances and interruptions. This iOS app can be downloaded free of cost and the optional in-app content can be paid for.
  4. Slumber provides a mix of experiences that can help you sleep off whether it is through bedtime stories, meditations, or sounds of a warm Jacuzzi. Users can select a background noise such as the sound of the ocean or rains and play this for almost 10 hours after the track is over. The stories and meditations are regularly updated and you may access these in the premium version.
  5. Relax Melodies can help tackle insomnia with more than 100 relaxation sounds, white noise, binaural beats, and relaxing melodies. There are sleep-enhancing meditations in this free app for both Android and iOS devices.
  6. Pzizz Sleep will be worth downloading if you wish to regulate your sleep patterns. The app claims to cure insomnia and follows scientifically-proven methods to do this. It offers binaural beats, neurolinguistic programming and sound effects, making it a tad pricier than the other sleep-inducing apps. It offers a separate playlist each time so that you will not hear the same tunes twice.
  7. Asleep is an app that provides a range of sounds and makes it enjoyable for users. Together with lullabies, instruments and nature sounds, there is a separate category “Life” which lets you tune into sounds of showers, helicopters, bubbles, heartbeat rhythms, and meditation tunes.
  8. 10% Happier is worth trying out if you are struggling to sleep at night. This app provides a variety of meditations, such as those for sleep and these will range between 3 minutes-45 minutes so that you are completely relaxed and fall asleep faster. You can also access meditation courses covering different genres and even message coaches to get extra support.